How smartphones changed our lives


By Arnau Roca, CEO, Abalit Technologies.

It’s a fact that technology is really important nowadays. What’s more: technology is essential for our lifestyle. Everyone knows that. That’s why I’ll not focus on this, but on mobility technology.

A few years ago, a mobile phone was just a device used to make exactly what it was meant to do: phone calls. However, time has gone by, and now most of us have a smartphone. Well, said this way, it sounds just like the next logical step but… what if I tell you that your smartphone is more powerful than most old computers?

I remember when I connected to the internet for the first time. I used a 48Kbps modem. It just took ages to connect and, once connected, if I received a phone call, the connection would just be dropped. After a while, I bought a 56 Kbps modem, and wow! That made a noticeable difference! But once again… what if I told you that 4G mobile networks connect to the Internet at 1.000.000 Kbps?

«Smartphones are a great instrument to improve the way you connect with your customers»

But that’s not all! Smartphones are equipped with GPS, accelerometer, compass, cameras, light sensors, proximity sensors, NFC technology, gyroscope….

We cannot live without them. It’s said that the 95% of us are no more than 2m away from our cell phones. This means that we can answer calls, read messages, check mail and so on anytime, anywhere. Smartphones are no longer simple mobile phones nowadays. Let’s say that these devices are small computers that we carry wherever we go. This fact allows service providers to interact and keep in touch with their customers, by sending them push notifications for instance — data or messages sent from a server directly to mobile devices.

I personally think that smartphones should not just be seen as mobile devices, but as a great instrument to improve the way you connect with your customers. Getting the right APP will maximize your business, and will help you reach more public. Why being only in the web and use passive communication, while you can be also mobile which would provide you with a direct communication channel to connect to your customers?

The only limit is your imagination. So let’s imagine, and keep moving!